Our Services

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Is your computer not turning on? Is your screen broken or something not working right? No problem!

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Data Recovery

Have you deleted something you shouldn't have? Is your flash drive with your important files not working? We have the tools and expertise to recover your data!

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Ex-lease and 2nd Hand

Do you need a new laptop or desktop for not a lot of money? 

We've got you covered with a range of ex-lease machines at great prices. All machines thoroughly tested and ready for use.



Want a faster processor or more RAM? An SSD, a new graphics card or a bigger monitor? We've got you covered.

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Virus Removal

Did you get an email with something extra attached? Did that website just infect your computer? We are experts at virus removal and can set your machine up to be safer than ever!

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Networking + WiFi

Is your WiFi slow or doesn't reach the rooms you want? Do you have multiple computers you want to network? We have advanced training in WiFi and networking. We've installed dozens of school and college WiFi networks. Your place will be no problem!

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Is your computer running slow? We've got the tricks to make it run better than ever!

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Do you like to keep on top of things before something goes wrong? We can provide regular maintenance to keep your machine at its best.

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and More!

We don't just do computers! We can fix all manner of electrical goodies. Don't throw it away. Fix it!